Our Church

We love God, our church family and our neighbours.  We celebrate the goodness of God with music and joy in all that we do.  We offer refuge and comfort in times of need.  We remember at all times those with less than ourselves.  Always growing, always sharing, we find our strength and confidence in the unchanging love of God and Jesus Christ.

St. Alban's began 50 years ago with a small group of Anglicans, made up of young families in the new subdivisions in the north east corner of London.  They gathered in the upper room of the Barn Restaurant.    In 1960 the congregation moved into its newly constructed building on Huron Street just east of Highbury Ave.  Over the years, new additions and alterations such as an elevator have improved the quality of worship and access to all who come.  The latest upgrades to the building have included a fully renovated kitchen, updated lower level and a new speaker system. 

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